Peer Listeners

Whitman Peer Listeners is a student run organization through the Whitman College Counseling Center. Our mission is to foster emotional well-being on campus through programming and peer-to-peer interaction. As listeners we provide an alternative to the Counseling Center and a resource for students. We are available to discuss any and all issues that students may be dealing with. Peer Listeners are trained in a variety of areas including listening skills, problem solving, and crisis management and are available through regularly scheduled office hours. We aim to serve as an open network and community to the campus as a whole as well as providing a fun and supportive environment for those within the group. In addition to our role as listeners, the Peer Listeners sponsor events and programming on campus educate, raise awareness, provide resources, promote well-being and relieve stress. 

Club President:  Miriam Moran ( and Corinne Vandagriff (

Adviser: Marie Metheny (