Student Activities Fair


Monday, September 1, 2014 
Cordiner Side Lawn

Important Fair Information 

The event will be from 10am -1pm.  Please have a representative from your organization at your booth for the entire duration of the fair. Clubs can start setting up booths at 9am. If your club has scheduled a full table please remember to bring payment of $10 when you check in to the information table, if you have not already paid.


Clubs that sign up after the August 7th deadline must provide 2 members to help with set-up tables and take-down/clean up. Those setting up tables for the fair are asked to meet me at 8:00 am sharp on the Cordiner Side Lawn and immediately after the fair at 1:00 pm for take-down/clean up.


All groups are asked to check in at the Activities Fair information table prior to set up.


Set up Information 

The Student Activities Fair is on Monday, September 2nd.  You may start setting up your booth at 9am. All groups are asked to check in at the Activities Fair information table prior to set up. 

Booths are permitted to sell items but booth regulations are as follows.

1) No tobacco or alcoholic beverages may be promoted, sold, or consumed.
2) Any booth with food must have a health permit.
3) Set up time is 9am. Closing time is 1pm.

Please have your booth staffed until closing. You are responsible for setting up and taking down all props and signs. You will be provided with one table and one chair.

Materials to consider for your booth (these are only suggestions and not required):

  • Canopy for shade
  • Decorated sign for in front of your table
  • Table cloth
  • Pamphlets, brochures or flyers
  • Paper and pens to sign up interested students
  • Pictures of past events to show at table
  • Extra Chairs (you may not use chairs from the Reid Campus Center)


Please remember that it will most likely be sunny and most booths are located in direct sunlight throughout the duration of the event, so plan accordingly.


Registration Info & Deadline 

Click Here to Register!

Questions email:

Clubs who are late to sign up must provide 2 members to help with set-up and take-down on the day of the event.

Have your club representatives meet at 8:00 am on the Cordiner Side Lawn near the tables to sign in and set up tables. Take down will occur immediately at 1:00 pm.  



2014 Registered Tables 

We will post people who have registered beginning in May