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Archiving your Club Information

The Whitman College archive at Penrose Library would love to receive records and documents for your club! Consider passing along meeting minutes, event brochures/advertisements/programs, pictures, etc. Visit the archive website for more information.

Campus Calendars

There are two campus calendars which you can use to view or advertise current activities and events on campus.

The campus calendar is managed through the Conference and Events Office and lists major campus academic events, lectures, holidays, and other pertinent events at Whitman.  Events that are listed on this calendar are often ones that are open to the community, so if attendance at your event is not limited to students, then you could consider advertising it on this calendar. To submit and event or activity please email

There is also a Student Events Calendar devoted specifically to student programs. This is a great venue for advertising your event to students as well as a way to see what other events are occurring around the same time as your program. Many programming groups have access to add their events to the calendar on their own (e.g. Whitman Events Board, ASWC, Community Service, Intrafraternity Council/Panhellenic, etc.). To request that an event be added to this calendar, you can contact the Director or Assistant Director of Student Activities.


Start a listserv for your club or organization here.


Lockers are located in the Reid Campus Center Resource Room and groups may use them to store their supplies and materials. If your student group is interested in using this room or one of the lockers, please contact Paul Dennis in the Reid Campus center Office, room 202. 

Meeting Rooms

The Reid Campus Center features several meeting spaces to accommodate the diverse needs of the Whitman community. A variety of audio-visual equipment is available. Click here to see descriptions of some of the meeting spaces available in the Reid Campus Center.

To schedule a meeting space in the Reid Campus Center, contact the Conferences & Events Office at 509-527-5366 or stop by room 202 in the Reid Campus Center. 

Resource Room

The Resource Room in the Reid Campus Center offers a number of resources to support student organizations. The room stocks a variety of paints and brushes for groups to make large campus signs and contains small lockers that groups may use to store supplies or materials.  It's also a great space for group activities that may not be easily accommodated in a regular meeting room. If your group is interested in using this room or one of the lockers, please contact Paul Dennis in the Reid Campus center Office, room 202.

Student Activities Fair

The student activities fair happens at the beginning of both semesters.  It allows for free publicity and is a great time for your club to recruit new members and show the new and returning students what you are all about!  Contact the Student Activities Office for more information.

Web Page Information

To set up a Club or Organization Web Page, contact WCTS. View the WCTS Web Page Publishing to learn more about: 

  • Setting-up a Network Account
  • Writing and Uploading Files
  • Learning the Basics of HTML
  • Learning the Basics of CSS
  • Your Homepage's Address

Club and Organization Web Pages should be continuously updated. If you have any questions concerning your current group Web Page, contact WCTS