Project Eye-to-Eye

Students with learning disabilities/differences and/or ADD/ADHD at Whitman College will mentor elementary school students with LDs and/or AD/HD from 3 Walla Walla Public schools. We all get together once a week for about an hour, and while following a well developed art curriculum, we make art projects and have powerful conversations. The program is all about empowering students with LDs and helping them learn that they are NOT broken, that nothing is wrong with them; rather we help them understand that they are very smart, learn differently and can greatly contribute to the world of academia and beyond. You all as Whitman students have already demonstrated the truth to these facts. Studies have demonstrated that when elementary age school students have a successful adult just like them to look up to, an unbelievable impact on their self esteem and future success is possible.

If you are interested in supporting or joining our chapter of Eye-To-Eye please email Bella Zarate at for more information.


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