Muslim Student Association

The purpose of MSA is to promote educational and informative outlook on Islam and to dissipate misconception on Islamic practice. The MSA at Whitman stands upon the principles of inclusiveness and will strive to remain inclusive of those who wish to understand, appreciate, and practice their Islam without compromising their morals and beliefs. The MSA also reaches out to those who are not Muslims, primarily to educate them about the misconceptions regarding Islam and the Islamic way of life. We seek to build inter-religious discourse that is beneficial for the interpersonal growth of students at Whitman College and other interested individuals in the Walla Walla community.  With the realization of the small Muslim students at Whitman campus and community, the existence of this club is crucial to provide a support system for Muslim students on campus as well as other students who have interest in Islamic faith and practice. 


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Adviser: Dalia Rohksana (