First Generation/Working-Class Students (FGWC)

Do you feel like you come from a different (i.e. lower) socio-economic background than most of the other students here at Whitman? Does the fact that you're here mean you'll obtain a higher education level than your parents? Is money something you find yourself struggling with? First-Generation/Working-Class Students of Whitman College is here for you.

We provide a safe place for students of a different "class" than the majority of the campus. While most Whitman students are from upper-middle to upper-class background and they usually have at least one parent that graduated from college, members of FGWC grew up with less money and/or their parents received little to no education after high school (or perhaps their parents didn't even get that far). Because of this, FGWC members experience Whitman differently, and sometimes it's hard for them to find people that "get" them. But that's why FGWC is here, so that you're completely surrounded by people that "get" it and thus "get" YOU. It's easy to feel alone, like the only one -- but you aren't. So check it out.


Adviser:  Julie Charlip (