Association Participantss

  1. Sharon Ruth Alker, Assistant Professor of English; Ph.D. in English, University of British Columbia, 2003. In addition to her specialties in eighteenth-century studies and Romanticism, her interests include cross-border relations, Canadian literature, and the ways in which distinct national groups interact and intersect.
  2. John Iverson, Assistant Professor of French; Ph.D. in French, University of Chicago, 1998. His interests include eighteenth-century literature and history, the history and culture of Québec, and contemporary French and Canadian film.
  3. Jeanne Morefield, Associate Professor of Politics; Ph.D., Cornell University, 1999. Her interests include political theory and the history of international relations.
  4. Mary Anne O'Neil, Professor of French; Ph.D. in Romance Languages, University of Oregon, 1979. Her interests include Francophone literature and culture and contemporary French Candian poetry and theatre.
  5. Melissa Wilcox, Assistant Professor of Religion and Director of Gender Studies; Ph.D in Religious Studies, University of California Santa Barbara, 2000. She is author of Coming out in Christianity: Religion, Identity, and Community and the forthcoming Spirituality and Sex in the City: Queer Religiosities in Practice and Theory, and co-editor (with David W. Machacek) of Sexuality and the World's Religions. Her interest in Canadian issues is focused on the roles played by religion in the politics surrounding same-sex marriage in Canada and the U.S.
  6. Dean Snider, Associate Professor of Sports Studies and Athletic Director; B.A. Trinity Western University; M.Ed. Western Washington University, 1996. His interests include sports psychology, women's sports and comparative training techniques in Canada and the United States.
  7. Dalia Hagan, M.S., Library Science, Drexel University, 1979. In addition to her responsibilities as Library Director at Whitman College, Dalia's interest in collection development includes ensuring that Canadian Studies, and Canadiana are well represented within Penrose Library collections.
  8. Denise Hazlett, Professor of Economics, Ph.D. in Economics, University of Minnesota, 1992. Her specialties include macro-monetary economics and designing classroom experiments in economics. She teaches a course in monetary economics, with an emphasis on inflation-targeting policies such as Canada's, and a course in open-economy macroeconomics, covering international topics including choice of exchange rate region, potential monetary unions, and the role of international organizations such as the International Monetary Fund.
  9. Robert Carson, Professor of Geology and Environmental Studies. A.B., Cornell University; M.S., Tulane University; Ph.D., University of Washington. He has participated in an international field trip to the Yukon to study glaciation and permafrost, and has led a field trip to the Queen Charlotte Islands to study geology, ecology, and culture. His interests are primarily focused on the glaciation and ecology of the Canadian Rockies and Vancouver Island as they relate to global warming, deforestation, and other environmental problems.
  10. Robert Sickels, Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Film Studies. B.A., M.A., California State University, Chico; Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno. Professor Sickels is interested in the history of Canadian Film (with particular emphasis on Lions Gate Films and small independent film companies).
  11. Sam (Salmon) Norgaard-Stroich, Assistant Director of the Outdoor Program. B.S., University of Camifornia, Santa Barbara; M.S. Humboldt State University. He is an Instructor Trainer for the American Canoe and Kayak Association, a certified ski instructor, and was an EMT and professional ski patroller. Sam teachescourses in the Outdoor Program and coordinates unique outdoor speakers and guest lecturers. He is involved in hosting the Banff Mt. Film festival.