Active Members

There are currently 45 men in the Gamma Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Chi, hailing from all corners of the US and many parts of the world, and involved in many different academic and extraciricular activities.  We pride ourselves on our small and diverse chapter, where strong bonds are easily formed between a wide range of individuals.

Nick Shariat: Consul, Chemistry Major, Class of 2014.  

Max Settle-Winnick: Pro Consul, Politics Major, Class of 2013.

Noah Teller: Magister and Philanthropy Chairman, Biology Major, Class of 2014.

Evan Kliener: Quaestor, Math Major, Class of 2014.

Riley Lynn: Annotator, English Major, Class of 2014. 

Nico Celi: Co-Social Chairman, 3-2 Engineering Program with Columbia University, Class of 2013.

Kevin O'Leary: Co-Social Chairman, Psychology Major, Class of 2015.

Mitchell Pascua: Community Service Chairman, Economics Major, Class of 2015.

Wesley Sparagon: Tribune, Biology Major, Class of 2015.

Alex Beard: Recruitment Chairman, Philosophy Major, Class of 2015.

Daniel Zajic: Historian and Scholarship Chairman, Biology Major, Class of 2014.

Graham Matheson: Co-House Manager, Chemistry Major, Class of 2015.

Luis Alba-Sanchez: Co-House Manager and Ritual Chairman, Religion Major, Class of 2014.

Dylan Zukin: IFC Representative, Undeclared, Class of 2016.

Joseph Sims: Risk Manager, Politics Major, Class of 2014.

Nicholas Beihl: Kitchen Steward, Spanish Major, Class of 2015.

Carver Marshall: Kustos, History Major, Class of 2013.

Justin Weeks: Co-Sweetheart Chairman, Sociology Major, Class of 2013.

Tyler Grisdale: Co-Sweetheart Chairman, Biology Major, Class of 2013.

Ethan Scardina: Astronomy Major, Class of 2015.

Tom Haffner: Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology Major, Class of 2013.

Abiy Aberra: Philosophy Major, Class of 2013.

Jimmy Madden: Economics Major, Class of 2014.

Kyle Moyes: Economics Major, Class of 2014.

Casey Minnick: Philosophy Major, Class of 2014.

Tyler King: Politics Major, Class of 2013.

Max Pullman: 3-2 Engineering Program with Columbia University, Class of 2013. 

Stephen Toyofuku: Film and Media Studies Major, Class of 2013.

Johnny Chow: Economics Major, Class of 2015.

Aaron Cohen: Geology Major, Class of 2014.

Joe Conquest: Biology Major, Class of 2015.

Gregory Eickhoff: Biology Major, Class of 2015.

Jacob Harwood: Politics Major, Class of 2014.

Will Hunt: Music Major, Class of 2015.

John McCauley: Economics-Math Major, Class of 2015.

Sterling Spilinek: Biology Major, Class of 2014.

Gus Thomas: Undeclared, Class of 2016.

Joshua Schnieder: Undeclared, Class of 2016.

Grant Laco: Undeclared, Class of 2016.

Henry Cox-Raman: Undeclared, Class of 2016.

Elliot Burch: Astronomy-Physics Major, Class of 2016.

Kevin Obey: Undeclared, Class of 2016.

Alex Jack: Undeclared, Class of 2016.

David Burtt: Undeclared, Class of 2016.

Nick Hochfeld: Undeclared, Class of 2016.