President: Marshall Thomas

The President shall:

Preside over all meetings and related activities; act in an executive capacity in all matters affecting the Council as a whole; set the meeting times and agenda; make proposals, such as the slate and other IFC initiatives, as well as communicate votes and IFC decisions to the chapter presidents; be a liaison between Panhellenic and the IFC; represent the fraternity system to the College administration including, but not limited to, the President, Dean of Students, and Greek Advisor; attend regularly scheduled Greek Leaders meetings; meet regularly with the Greek Advisor; lead in conducting rush with the Vice-President, Greek Relations, and Community Relations officers; distribute the IFC constitution to all new chapter presidents and members of the IFC; guide the Council in setting goals and taking initiatives that feature clear metrics for success; be a signatory on the IFC bank account; own and update the IFC listserv; write "This Week in Greek" for the Whitman College Pioneer.

Vice-President: Noel O'Shea

The Vice-President shall:

Represent the fraternity system to the faculty and staff of the College including, but not limited to, the Dean of Faculty, Director and Associate Director of Security, and Residence Life staff; write a memo to faculty each semester detailing Greek achievements and accolades; maintain a relationship with Security by meeting with them at least once to update fraternity and IFC contact information; serve as a contact for Security in the event of an emergency; investigate and report to the Council on conduct violations reported by the Greek Advisor, Residence Life staff, security personnel, or any member of any fraternity; preside at meetings in the absence of the president; aid in conducting rush with the President, Greek Relations, and Community Relations officers.

Treasurer: John McCauley

The Treasurer shall:

Keep records of ALL transactions and be responsible for all financial matters involving the IFC; be a signatory on the IFC bank account; assess and collect fees, penalties, and dues as per IFC by-laws; pay the salaries of the IFC; serve as the IFC representative in the ASWC Congress and fulfill the duties in its by-laws which include:a ) keeping an updated constitution on file with the Director of Student Activities, b) attending budget manager training as required by ASWC, c) submitting a Recognition Update Form once per semester by the deadline, d) attending and acting as a Greek issues advocate at ALL ASWC Joint Sessions and senate or committee meetings as necessary, and e) submitting a budget request form in the spring and attending budget committee meeting hearings if necessary with the goal of getting as much support for Greek activities as possible.

Community Relations Coordinator:  Connor Hood

The Community Relations Coordinator delegate shall:

Maintain an updated IFC website and shall be authorized to edit the live IFC website by WCTS; take, archive, and make public on the website minutes of all IFC meetings and proceedings which are thorough and reflective of the proceedings; write at least two Greek-related press releases for distribution to the Union-Bulletin and any other relevant periodicals; aid each of the fraternities in acquiring and maintaining updated websites on the Whitman domain; distribute the Community Relations Principles to each of the new chapter presidents; aid chapters in developing policies and practices that reflect the spirit of the Principles; notify chapter presidents and the IFC immediately of any infractions of the Principles that the delegate may have seen or heard about, but not sanctioned or imposed disciplinary action at that time; represent and advocate for the fraternity system to residents in its immediate vicinity, as well as the community at large; work with the President, Vice President, and Greek Relations delegate to conduct rush; set the schedule for the all campus parties in accordance with rush rules, and write a letter to the neighbors to notify them of the dates and times, the IFC President's, Vice President's, and chapter president's contact information, and offer any accommodation that the IFC can reasonable allow for.

Greek Relations Coordinator:  Paul Prevou

The Greek Relations Coordinator shall: 

Conduct a Social Circus at the beginning of each semester in coordination with the Panhellenic President (or designated officer) and all fraternity/sorority social chairs; a) traditionally, each house is given one black-out day where no other group may have a function; b) changes to the calendar must be requested one week in advance and approved by the Greek Relations Coordinator; c) the final calendar must be made public and distributed, be it physically or electronically, to all chapter presidents.  The Greek Relations Coordinator will maintain a social listserv that includes all Greek social chairs as well as any other relevant individuals; review function themes and have the power to recommend appropriate sanction to the IFC if the delegate disapproves for any reason; educate social chairs and the fraternity system on risk and alcohol management techniques (i.e., training bartenders) as well as issues of sexual misconduct; aid and encourage the fraternities to implement these techniques and take an active, as opposed to passive or reactive, role in addressing extant issues.  Furthermore, the Greek Relations Coordinator will schedule and facilitate at least TWO dry all-Greek functions at each of the houses during the year, preferably one per semester; aid the President, Vice President, and Community Relations delegate in conducting rush; solicit volunteers from the houses for security patrols and make sure they are conducted in the manner specified by the rush rules; notify the Council if rush patrols were not completed for any reason and recommend sanction if necessary; organize an all-Greek BBQ on Ankeny; work with Panhellenic to organize and put on Greek Week; and organize, encourage, and facilitate all fraternity and all Greek philanthropy events.