2012 Soccer Season



  • Field 1: Almost Infamous vs. Footfairies (D2 Play in game)
  • Field 1: Flaming Octopi vs. TKEForce
  • Field 2: Winner of play-in game vs. Rollin' on Mixed dubz
  • Field 1:Gayle Force vs. ISFC Dreamtigers
  • Field 2: Sardines vs. Red Scare


  • Field 1: D1 Final
  • Field 2: D2 Final 

Results (Winners in Red):

TKEForce vs. Phi - 4-1
Flaming Octopi vs. ISFC 5-1
Gayleforce vs. C-Men F-women 7-2
TKEForce vs. ISFC 3-2
ISFC vs. Phi 2-1
C-Men F-women vs. Flamin Octopi 2-1
Flaming Octopi vs. TKEForce 3-2
Flaming Octopi vs. Gayleforce 4-1
Flaming Octopi vs. Phi 4-1
ISFC vs. C-Men vs. 3-1
Gayleforce vs. Phi 8-0
TKEForce vs. C-Men 4-0
ISFC vs. TKEForce 2-1
Gayleforce vs. ISFC 3-2
Flaming Octopi vs. C-men 4-0
C-men vs. Phi 5-1
Gayleforce vs. TKEForce 5-0
Gayleforce vs. Phi 7-2

Division IW-L-T
Flaming Octopi 5-1-0
Gayleforce 5-1-0
TKEForce 3-3-0
ISFC Dreamtigers 3-3-0
C-Men F-Women 2-4-0
Phi 0-6-0

Results (Winners in Red):

Regulators vs Club Latino 6-2
The Foot Fairies vs. Fourth Years 12-1
The Sardines vs. Tamarac 4-1
Almost Infamous vs. The Foot Faries 2-2 Tie
The Sardines vs. Fourth years 7-1
Regulators vs. Tamarac 3-3 Tie
The Foot Fairies vs Tamarac Tamarac forfeit
Sardines vs. Almost Infamous 1-0
Almost Infamous vs Club Latino 6-0
Fourth Years vs. Tamarac Tamarac Forfeit
Fourth Years vs. Regulators 7-5
Club Latino vs. Tamarac Tamarac Forfeit
Almost Infamous vs. Regulators 6-5
Almost Infamous vs. Tamarac Tamarac forfeit
Almost Infamous vs. fourth years 10-5
Sardines vs. Footfairies 10-0
Sardines vs. Club Latino 8-0
Sardines vs. Regulators Regulators Forfeit
Foot faries vs. Club latino 5-0
Foot fairies vs. the regulators 5-4

Division II: LegendsW-L-T
The Sardines 6-0-0
Almost Infamous 4-1-1
The Foot Fairies 4-1-1
Fourth Year Crisis 2-3-0
Regulators 1-4-1
Club Latino  1-4-0
Tamarac  0-5-1

Results (Winners in Red):

FUBAR vs. IHC 10-2
Dragongoats vs. Red Scare 3-2
Rollin' on Mixed Dubz vs. Muffins, Muffins forfeit
IHC vs. Muffins, Muffins forfeit
Rollin' on Mixed Dubz vs. IHC 14-1
Fubar vs. Dragon Goats 4-2
Fubar vs. Muffins 5-0
Rollin' on Mixed Dubz vs. Red Scare 5-0
Rollin' on Mixed Dubz vs. Dragongoats 4-2
Fubar vs. Dragongoats 4-1
Red Scare vs. IHC 5-0
Red Scare vs. Muffins 8-7
Rollin' on Mixed Dubz vs. FUBAR 3-1
Red Scare vs. Muffins 6-5
Red Scare vs. FUBAR 2-1
Rollin' on Mixed Dubz vs. IHC 5-2 

Division II: LeadersW-L-T
Rollin on Mixed Dubz 6-0-0
Red Scare 4-2-0
FUBAR 4-2-0
Dragongoast 1-3-0
Irrefutably Champions
Muffins 0-5-0