Intramural Soccer

Sport: Soccer

Location: Whitman Athletic Fields

Season: Late fall

Days and times: Weekends between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Divisions available: Divisions I and II

Most recent champions:
In this year’s Division I championship game, TKE Force, headed by Captain Genta Ohgushi ’15, defeated the reigning champion The Dream Tigers, headed by Captain Thabo Liphoto ’14. In Division II, the championship pitted two varsity teams against each other. Scott’s Angels, led by Captain Spencer Corwin ’14, was made up of Varsity Cross Country runners and named for the Varsity XC Coach Scott Shields. Rollin on Mixed Dubz, led by Captain Matt Tesmond ’13, was made up of the players from the varsity tennis teams and a few select friends. Even with the skilled coaching of Dhavan Vengadasalam ’13 from the varsity men’s soccer team, Rollin on Mixed Dubz could not pull off their long-sought-after championship ring and Scott’s Angels took the title with a commanding 4-1 win.

Competition and atmosphere:
Intramural soccer is a great way to spend the weekend with friends in either a relaxed or more competitive environment. The two divisions allow for a wide range of skills and expertise levels. Both divisions have a kind of “pickup soccer” mentality, especially with the teams self-refereeing for most of the games. However for those hardcore soccer enthusiasts out there, division It provides a competitive and skilled arena in which to play against other experienced players. The requirement for three female players to be on the field at any time creates a flashback of those younger coed soccer days, no matter which division you choose to play in. The teams are only eight to a side, and the fields are smaller than normal at 80 x 40 yards.

Quotes from participants:
"IM soccer is just outrageous fun." - Genta Ohgushi ’15
"Remembering you have an IM soccer game on Saturday morning brightens my day!" - Henry Lanman ’16