Schedule and Team Captains


Date/Time Court 1 Court 2 Court 3
11/15 7:00pm Hurricane Ditka vs. B.O.B. MILF'S vs. FYG Team Angst vs. Team Awesome
7:30 Occupy Ball Street vs. the S is for Slut Bosses vs. PDA Muffins vs. Mud Kipz
8:00 Tender cats vs. Donkey Punch Zane vs. The Five Grannie Bras vs. Dodge these Balls
8:30     Boom vs. Shizmitz
11/16 7:00 pm Slut vs. Hurricane Ditka Zane vs. MILF's Mud Kipz vs. Angst
7:30 B.O.B. vs Donkey Punch FYG vs. PDA Team Awesome vs. Dodge these balls
8:00   Muffins vs. Shizmitz
11/17 7:00 pm Occupy ball St. vs. Tendercats The Five vs. Bosses Grannie Bras vs. Boom
7:30   Angst vs. Dodge these balls
11/28 7:00 PM     Mud Kipz vs. Shizmitz
7:30     Team Awesome vs. Boom
8:00     Muffins vs. Grannie Bras
11/29 7:30 pm Slut vs. Tendercats MILF's vs. PDA Shizmitz vs. Angst
8:00 B.O.B. vs. Occupy ball St. Zane vs. Bosses Dodge these balls vs. Boom
11/30 7:30 pm Hurricane Ditka vs. Donkey Punch FYG vs. The Five Team Awesome vs. Muffins
8:00 Hurricane Ditka vs. Tendercats FYG vs. Zane Mud Kipz vs. Grannie Bras
12/01 7:30 pm Donkey punch vs. Occupy ball St. Bosses vs. MILF's Angst vs. Boom
8:00 Slut vs. B.O.B. PDA vs. The Five Shizmitz vs. Grannie Bras
12/02 7:30 pm Hurricane Ditka vs. Occupy Ball St. MILF's vs. The Five Dodge these balls vs. Muffins
8:00 Tendercats vs. B.O.B. Bosses vs. FYG Mud Kipz vs. Team Awesome
8:30 Slut vs. Donkey Punch PDA vs. Zane  
12/05 7:30 pm     Grannie Bras vs. Angst
8:00     Boom vs. Muffins
8:30     Shizmitz vs. Team Awesome
12/06 7:30 pm Hurricane Ditka vs. The Five Donkey Punch vs. FYG Dodge these balls vs. Mud Kipz
8:00 Bosses vs. Tendercats Slut vs. Zane Boom vs. Mud Kipz
8:30 PDA vs. Occupy Ball st. B.O.B. vs. MILF's Angst vs. Muffins
12/07 7:30 pm     Shizmitz vs. Dodge these balls
8:00     Team Awesome vs. Grannie Bras


Division 1: Average Joes Captain
Hurricane Ditka Aaron Cohen
Occupy Ball Street Sam Freedman
Tendercats Eric Tolleson
Donkey Punch Andrew Hawkins
The S is for Slut Colton Malesovas
B.O.B. Annie Sing


Division 1: Purple Cobras Captain
MILF'S Woody Jacobson
The Five MacLean Harned
Bosses Brenton Weyi
PDA (Public Display of
Nathan Sany
Zane Macphee Zane Macphee
FYG Nick Cross


Division 2 Captain
Team Angst Molly Esteve
Muffins Haley Cushing
Grannie Bras Caitlin Moore
Boom Tommy Gibson
The Shizmitz Taylor Chock
Dodge These Balls Niko Contos
Mud Kipz Scott Martin
Team Awesome Joseph Sims