2011-2012 Season

Results (Winner in red):

School vs. You mad? 41-33
We Could Do It vs. BCSK
Old School vs. BCSK 52-44
We Could Do it vs. BCSK 50-43
Dragongoats vs. BCSK 53-47
Old School vs. Dragongoats 79-71
Dragongoats vs. We could do it 54-46
Old school vs. BCSK 62-49

Division 1

Old School 4-0
We could do it,
You mad? 
Dragongoats 2-1
BCSK 0-5

Results (Winner in red):

Nathan's Entourage vs. The Bidoofs 68-10
Muffins vs. Ford Administration 59-19
Yak Yak vs. No excuses 59-20
Muffins vs. Tune Squad 40-20
Ford Administration vs. The Bidoofs 32-2
Nathan's Entourage vs. Ford Administration 56-9
Yak Yak vs. Muffins
Yak Yak vs. Tune Squad 30-24
Tune Squad vs. Bidoofs 34-5
Nathans Entourage vs. No Excuses forfeit
Muffins vs. No Excuses 66-50
Yak Yak vs. Bidoofs
Ford Administration vs. No excuses 37-36
Muffins vs Bidoofs 59-0
Yak Yak vs. Nathan's entourage
Tune Squad vs. Nathan's Entourage
Tune Squad vs. Ford Administration
Yak Yak vs. Ford Administration 47-21

Division 2X:

Yak Yak 6-0
Muffinz 4-1
Nathan's Entourage 3-2
Tune Squad 3-2
The Ford Administration 2-4
No Excuses 0-4
The Bidoofs 0-5

Results (Winner in red):

Honeydip vs. Strokin' 3's 30-28
The Basics vs. Whitman Shuffleboard Club 81-19
Shirts on Backwards vs. Whitman Shuffleboard Club 54-40
The Basics vs. Stokin' 3's 37-35
Shirts on Backwards vs. Dunkin' Donuts 50-35
Ultimate vs. Strokin' 3's 54-42
Shirts on Backwards vs. The Basics 37-24
Smokin' Trees vs. Whitman Shuffleboard club forfeit
Dunkin' Donutes vs The Basics forfeit
Shirts on Backwards vs. Ultimate
Honeydip vs. Shirts on Backwards 46-42
Honeydip vs. Shuffleboard Club 66-42
Honeydip vs. Dunkin' Donuts 42-26
Honeydip vs. Ultimate Forfeit
Honeydip vs. Basics Forfeit
Dunkin' Donuts vs. Ultimate forfeit

Division 2Y:

Honeydip 6-0
"Yeah we put our shirts on backwards" 4-1
The Basics 2-3
Smokin' Trees &
Strokin' 3s 
Dunkin' Donuts 2-2
Ultimate 1-3
Whitman Shuffleboard Club 0-4