Intramural Basketball

Sport: Basketball

Location: Sherwood Multi-Purpose Gym

Season: Late fall

Days and times: Weekdays at 9 and 10 p.m.

Divisions available: Divisions I and II

Most recent champions:

In Division II, there was an epic battle between all first-year residence halls. The final game was between David Flemming’s Abandoned Children who represented Jewett Hall vs. Mos Def who represented Anderson Hall. The marquee matchup was between Kyle Donald ’16 (David Flemming’s Abandoned Children) and Jesse Hazzard ’16 (Mos Def) who lead their respective teams in points. David Flemming’s Abandoned Children controlled much of the game, and came out on top with the final score 36-34.

Competition and atmosphere:
Division I IM basketball consists of players who play pick-up throughout the year, which results in competitive play during the game. Division II consists of much more relaxed play. Participants in division II don’t necessarily play basketball frequently or sometimes not at all, but play with a group of friends to have fun and let loose.

Quotes from participants:
“In Division I, you can’t bring that weak stuff in this humpy bumpy.” - John Masla ’14 quoting the TV character Terry Tate.

2012-2013 Season

Results (Winner in Red):

Jordan vs. Brian Scalabrine
Brian Scalabrine vs. Team Rocket
Dragon Goats vs Team Rocket 76-26
Phi Slamma Jamma vs. Brian Scalabrine 55-45
Phi Slamma Jamma vs. Dragon Goats
Dragon Goats vs. Phi Slamma Jamma
Jordan dickson vs. Dragon Goats
Jordan Dicksons vs. Team Rocket
Phi vs. Brian Scalabrine
Phi vs. Team Rocket

Division 1

Team NameW-L
Dragon Goats 2-2
Jordan and the Dicksons 3-0
The Brian Scalabrine Tribute Team 1-4
Phi Slamma Jamma 4-1
Team Rocket 0-4

 Results (Winner in Red):

Yak Yak vs Hot Shots 40-33
Yak Yak vs. Strokin' 3's 28-26
Mos Def. vs. Baby Sloths
Mos Def vs. Smokin Trees
Mos Def vs. Hot Shots
Mos def vs. D-flems
Smokin Trees vs. Hot Shots
Smokin Trees vs. Team Baby Sloth
Yak Yak vs. Smokin' Trees
D-Flem vs. Mos Def
D-Flem vs. Yak Yak
D-Flem vs. Team Baby Sloth
D-Flems vs. Hot shots
Mos Def. vs. yak yak
Yak Yak vs. Team baby sloths

Division 2 Group A:

Team NameW-L
D-Flem's Abandoned Children  4-1 
The Hot Shots 0-4
Yak Yak 4-2
Smokin' Trees and Strokin 3's 2-3
Team Baby Sloth  0-4
Mos Def  5-1

Results (Winner in Red):

Like Mike vs. Bridges Angels 30-27
The Avengers vs. Like Mike 47-26
Like Mike vs. Ford Administration
The Avengers vs. IHCBLWB
Bridges Angels vs. IHCBLWB 49-41
Bridges Angels vs. Nathan's Entourage
Nathans Entourage vs. IHCBLWB tie
The Avengers vs. Nathan's Entourage 64-38
Ford Administration vs. Nathan's Entourage 42-40
Ford Administration vs. The Bidoofs
Like Mike vs. IHCBLWB 45-35
Bridges Angels vs. The Bidoofs
Ford Administration vs. The Avengers
Ford Administration vs. IHCBLWB
Like Mike vs. The Bidoofs
Like Mike vs. Nathan's Entourage
The Avengers vs. Bridges Angels
The Avengers vs. The Bidoofs
Nathan's Entourage vs. The Bidoofs
Bridges Angels vs. Ford Administration

Division 2 Group B:

Team NameW-L
Like Mike 5-1
The Bidoofs 0-5 
Nathan's Entourage 1-4-1
Bridges' Angels 4-2
Ford Administration 4-2
The Avengers 5-1

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