Forms and Resources for Club Sports

Club Sports Handbook and Leadership Guide

The Club Sports Handbook includes detailed information about policies, procedures, and resources available to Whitman Club Sports teams. Each team captain should review the handbook carefully at the start of each year to ensure your team in operating in accordance with Whitman policy. You can download the handbook here.

The Leadership Guide is a compilation of tips, tools, and resources that club sports captains will find helpful in running their teams. It was compiled from information provided by previous years' captains and is a great resource for both new and experienced captains. It can be downloaded here.

Opening Paperwork

At the beginning of each year (or season), teams MUST turn in each of the following items to the Club Sports Committee (templates for each item are available for download in the list below):

Additionally, we would appreciate information regarding your team practice schedule and location. See below for information on how to reserve practice space.

As of the 2013-2014 school year, we have begun using to manage the collection of team rosters and health/liability waivers. If you are a team captain, you can set up a team on the Whitman league site and have your players register to complete a waiver. If you have questions, contact the Club Sports Intern, Mackinzie Stanley for assistance (  

If you will ever have non-students participating in practice or team play (please see Skip Molitor for guidance on limited situations when this is acceptable), those individuals MUST complete a Facilities Use Waiver and submit it to Sherwood.

Reserving Practice Space

In order to reserve field or facility space for practice, please contact the following individuals. (Please keep in mind that priority is given to in-season teams.)

Sherwood Michelle Ferenz 509-527-5271
Whitman Fields Jordan Paden 509-200-0955
Baker Ferguson Michele Hanford 509-527-5025
Harvey Pool Jenn Blomme 509-527-5287

If you would like to view a calendar of current field reservations, click here.

If your team uses outdoor fields for practice or competition, please review our Field Use Recommendations.

Team Travel

Teams that travel for games or tournaments are required to submit a trip roster, trip itinerary, and description of your transportation plans to Skip Molitor one week prior to your departure. If you are using non-college-owned vehicles, you should also have each driver and passenger fill out and return the Alternative Transportation Waiver along with the above mentioned items.

Please keep in mind the following policies regarding travel for Club Sports:

  • You must have an approved chaperone or coach traveling with you during all segments of the trip
  • ABSOLUTELY NO alcohol is permitted on road trips
  • It is preferred that teams use Whitman owned vehicles - this link will take you to the reservation form for the Whitman motor pool; if that is not an option, all traveling team members must complete and submit the Alternative Transporation Waiver
  • Vehicles rented by students for club travel are covered under Whitman's insurance policy. You may obtain an insurance card to take with you from the Athletics Office or Nancy Jungmann. If a student chooses to purchase separate rental car insurance (from the rental company, for example) this cost will NOT be reimbursed. Vehicles rented by parents for students to use for club travel are NOT covered by Whitman's insurance policy

Reimbursement Policy, Procedures, and Forms

When you need to be reimbursed for Club Sport related expenditures, please keep in mind the following information in order to ensure a speedy reimbursement process:

  • Reimbursement forms are available online (below), through Skip Molitor or Victoria Berg (in Sherwood), or on the Club Sport bulletin board on the lower level of Sherwood;
  • Forms must be filled out in their entirety before being turned into Victoria Berg (front desk, Sherwood office);
  • When requesting reimbursements for travel related expenses, please turn in ONLY ONE form per person, per trip;
  • Reimbursement requests must be submitted within one week following the purchase;
  • The following things CAN be reimbursed: lodging, travel expenses (gas, plane tickets, etc.), practice fees, league & tournament fees, referee fees, team equipment, food (if necessary);
  • The following things CANNOT be reimbursed: personal items and gifts, alcohol, personal uniforms.

Requesting reimbursement for supplies? Use the Supplies Reimbursement Form.
Requesting reimbursement for travel-related expenses? Use the Travel Reimbursement Form.