Current Club Sports Teams

Whitman currently supports the following Club Sports teams. (Teams with web pages are linked for further information.)

Alpine Skiing (men and women)
Captains: Patrick Finnegan, Robert Dalton, Molly Olmsted

Climbing (coed)
Captains: Brooke Bessen, Jacob Bradley

Cycling (men and women)
Captains: Luke Ogden, Albert Santos-Davidson, Rachel Geiter

Lacrosse (men)
Captain: Max Skotheim, Dan Ellis

Lacrosse (women)
Captains: Allie Willson, Claire Vezie, Kaylee Kautz

Nordic Skiing (men and women)
Captains: Colin McCarthy, Lauren Benedict

Rugby (men)
Captains: Matt Booth

Rugby (women)
Captains: Haley Friel

Freeride (men and women)
Captain: Max Reikosky, Celine Valentin

Tae Kwon Do (coed)

Tennis (men and women)
Captain: Emma Neslund, Trevor Press, Hannah Alverson

Track and Field (men and women)
Captain: Erin Campbell 

Triathalon (coed)
Captain: Robby Dorn, Will Erickson

Ultimate Frisbee® (men)
Captains: Ethan Parrish, David Ball, Ben Cohen-Stead

Ultimate Frisbee® (women)
Captains: Corinne Pingul, Julia Bladin, Ari Lozano

Water Polo (coed)
Captain: Emily Klein

Volleyball (men)
Captains: Luke Rodriguez

Volleyball (women)
Captains: Kaileen Kersting, Molly Emmett, Kelsey Smith