Whitman College Class of 2009 Committee Members
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The Class of 2009 Senior Fund is raising Unrestricted Funds in support of the Whitman College operating budget.

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Meet the Class of 2009 Senior Fund Committee Members:
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Kate Acosta
Hometown: Vancouver, WA

I am involved with the Senior Fund because I want to give back to Whitman before I graduate. Through my involvement with the Senior Fund I hope to help my fellow classmates understand the impact they can have on future students' lives. I plan to donate my gift to unrestricted funds.
Kate Acosta '09
Rand Biersdorff '09 Rand Biersdorff
Hometown: Eugene, OR

I am involved with the Senior Fund because I believe in the practice of giving money to institution that will use it well e.g. Whitman. I will designate my gift unrestricted so my gift can go to the departments that most need it.
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Evan Conner
Hometown: Fairway, KS

I am excited to be working for the Senior Fund, particularly because I understand the importance of Senior and Alumni giving. I know that high rates of giving drastically increase the funds available to Whitman, and I wanted to be a part of the committee that aided in the acquisition of these funds. I will be designating my gift to unrestricted funds so that Whitman may use my money in whatever way it is needed most.
Evan Conner '09
Laura Rachor '09 Laura Rachor
Hometown: Weston, OR

I wanted to get a jump start on giving back to the college and decided that participating in Senior Fund would help me do that. I plan to give part of my contingency deposit because doing so will allow me to give more without having to take money away from my monthly budget.
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Austen Stutsman
Hometown: Bellevue, WA

I joined the Senior Fund because I think it is important for us as seniors to better understand where our money goes and be mindful of the gaps. I wanted to help educate seniors about ways we can create a pattern of giving back to Whitman.
Austen Stutsman '09
Asteria Valusek '09 Asteria Valusek
Hometown: Tigard, OR

My involvement with the Senior Fund Committee stems from my desire to contribute to the Whitman community. The College provides incredible, diverse opportunities for its students and I believe it is important for the Whitman student body to give back. As a Sociology major and Race and Ethnic Studies minor, I intend to donate to these departments. I will also donate to the Reid Campus Center and Penrose Library, two places where I have spent a significant amount of time during the past four years.
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Brendan Ziegler
Hometown: Issaquah, WA

I am doing the Senior Fund because being at Whitman has been the best experience of my life. I understand how important contributions from alumni have been in creating and sustaining that experience. With my funds I plan to contribute to the wonderful athletic department here at Whitman, which has been such a positive influence on my education.
Brendan Ziegler '09

Joseph Zoline-Black '09 Joseph Zoline-Black
Hometown: Ashland, OR

I want to give something back to Whitman so that future students here will have an experience just as memorable and amazing as I have.