Whitman College Class of 2009 Senior Fund
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Kate Acosta,
Committee Chair

Rand Biersdorff

Evan Conner

Laura Rachor

Austen Stutsman

Asteria Valusek

Brendan Zielger

Joseph Zoline-Black

February 2009

Do you enjoy wireless coverage on campus?
Are you glad Penrose is open 24/7?
Did you receive a Whitman scholarship?
Did you play varsity sports?

Only 60% of a Whitman education, including programs such as these, is funded by tuition costs. The rest is paid for by funds donated to Whitman so we could have a great four years. Now, IT IS OUR TURN. The Senior Fund campaign is officially under way, and we are asking YOU to give back to Whitman!

Donations can be as little as five dollars – think about how much you want to give to future Whitties and follow one of these four easy ways:

  • Bring cash/check to Reid during lunch the week of Feb. 23-27.
  • Check your wallet RIGHT NOW. Put cash in an envelope along with the gift form.
  • Give part of your $300 refund to the Senior Fund—
    check “Contingency Deposit.”
  • Pay by credit/debit card by filling out the gift form.
Want to donate to a specific ASWC club, academic department, or athletic team? Just indicate in the memo of your check or on the gift form (e.g., “Biology Department,” “Men’s Basketball,” or “Black Student Union”).

For every $25 you donate, you can honor a person or group in the Commencement Program! Deadline for this is May 8.

Our goal is 75% participation by ’09 seniors. The more of us who give money to the Fund, the better chance Whitman has at getting outside grants. So your gift – however small – can have a HUGE impact on future Whitties.

Post this letter on your fridge or by the door so you and your housemates don’t forget to give by May 22.

Let’s do it ’09.

The Senior Fund Committee,
a subsidiary of The Development Office