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Distribution. 2

Credits you need to take. 2


Transferring in credits. 2


Organize your Life. 3


PDF or Withdraw from a Class?. 3

Need a Form?. 3


Sophomore? Get a major advisor 3

Study Abroad?. 4

Are you a Senior?. 4


Registrar’s Office. 4






You need to create a class list for Jim/Your Advisor

--check what distribution areas you need from your Academic Record (Use my.whitman.edu)

--you should be taking at least 2 courses that complete your distribution areas each semester

--check to see if the classes you want are full or near full (and hence not available unless you try to waitlist)

Check Classes (in the middle of the page click “Search for Classes/Enrollment Information”)

--have backup classes for when a class becomes full.


--include course number, when class meets, course title, professor, distribution it covers




Hey Jim


Here are the classes I want to register for:


--Soc 129, Tues-Thurs 1-2:20pm, Gendered Sociology, Prof. Kim, Soc. Science

--RFS 250, Mon-Wed. 1-2:20pm, Social Movements, Prof. Withycombe, Humanities

--Pol 109, Mon-Thurs 10am, Intro to US Politics, Prof. King, Soc. Science

--Astro 110, Tues-Thurs 2:30-4pm plus Thurs 7-9pm, Principles of Astronomy, Prof. Dobson, Science (w/ lab)

--RFS 222, Tues 4:30-6pm, Thurs 7-8:30pm, Policy Debate, Prof Hanson



--Pol 124, Mon-Thurs 10am, Intro to Politics and Environment, Prof. Brick, Soc. Science

--Math 125, Mon-Fri 9am, Calc I, Prof. Guichard, Quantitative





You need 2 classes (6 credits) in:

-Alternative Voices

-Social Sciences


-Fine Arts

-Science including a lab and a quantitative course.


You should take at least 2 courses counting toward distribution each semester, frosh and sophomore years.


Distribution Explanation (view distribution pages in the catalog)


Credits you need to take


124 credits required to graduate


15.5 credits average per semester over 8 semesters


Minimum of 12 credits during a semester

--You need 24 credits over the past 2 semesters to participate on the debate program.

--You need a 2.0 cumulative GPA (it can be 1.7 at the end of the first semester) to participate on the debate program.

--If you have D/F slips from professors, you are missing classes, your ability to participate on the debate program is minimal.


If you drop below this, contact Jim/your advisor.


32 to 36 credits is typically required by your major (some majors require more)


Last semester taking just thesis and debate? You can do that—contact Jim.


Want to take more than 18 credits? Jim does NOT recommend this but here’s the form you need:

Choose Academic Overload Form


Transferring in credits


Transfer Credit Details

Max is 70 credits of C- or better classes. Note: when you transfer credits, it affects how long you can be a Whitman student and receive financial aid.


Transfer Credit Form (be sure to complete this before taking courses during summer)


AP credits? Open this year’s Catalog and search for Advanced Placement


Transfer credits from a college course taught at a high school? Sorry, Whitman does not accept those.


Transfer credits for “online courses”? 10 credits maximum.


Running Start credits? Transfer 14 credits max as a frosh OR Transfer all credits and enter as a sophomore/junior.



Organize your Life


Memo to Me (set it to email or text your phone with reminders to do stuff you need to do)


Google Calendar (setup the calendar from within your email; BE SURE TO SET REMINDERS to your phone and/or email for meetings/classes)


PDF or Withdraw from a Class?


Note: some courses cannot be taken PDF; distribution courses cannot be taken PDF.


Withdrawal? Do that via my.whitman.edu (needs to be done by the 6th week of the semester)


PDF Form (needs to be done by the 10th week of the semester)

Jim’s advice: Use PDF at most twice during your time at Whitman. After that, it is likely to affect how Grad/Professional Schools view your application.


Please talk with Jim/advisor before doing PDF/Withdrawal.


Need a Form?


Forms for . . . lots of stuff

Honors in Major, Class Conflict, Declare Major, Individually Planned Major, Leave of Absence, Declare a Minor, P-D-F, Petition, Transfer Credit, GENS 146 Section Change, Schedule Worksheet, Transcript Request, Withdrawal, Whitman Graduation Application, Academic Overload


Sophomore? Get a major advisor


By the end of your sophomore year (4th semester), you need to declare a major with a major advisor.


Majors you can get


Declare Major Form


Declare Minor Form


Study Abroad?


Off Campus Studies Page


Are you a Senior?


Senior Year--What to do


Last semester taking just thesis and debate? You can do that—contact Jim.


Registrar’s Office


Registrar's Page