Purpose and Introduction to Honors Thesis Guidelines

The Library acquires copies of honors theses to serve the needs of students and faculty, to provide access to Whitman College scholarship outside the Whitman community, and to ensure that these original works are available to researchers for consultation in the future.

The thesis or project must be approved in advance by the professor under whose direction the work is being done. As part of the Honors in Major Study program, the candidate must complete a written thesis or research project to the satisfaction of this program and file copies of the thesis in the college library no later than reading day May 14, 2014 prior to the final examination period in his or her last semester (except when the student may be required to comply with departmental regulations for earlier filing). Changes and/or exceptions in requirements or deadlines must be approved by the Board of Review.  

Departments are asked to distribute these guidelines to all honors students whose theses will be acquired by the Library.  The guidelines are to be followed by the students in the preparation of their honors theses.

If you are the author of all the text, image, audio, and/or video files contained in your honors thesis, you hold copyright and can grant full permission to post a digital copy online.  If portions of your materials have been produced by others, you need to seek permission to include them in the digital copy you post online.  If permission cannot be obtained, copyrighted material should be removed from any digital copy you post and complete print copies can be placed in the Library collection according to the procedures below.