I would like to preface this, my last Letter from the Editor, by thanking my staff. They are articulate, witty, and intelligent––not to mention that they are a lot of fun to be around. That being said, they are not without their more apathetic and sullen moments. There are times when getting them to advertise or organize release events is like putting bags of kittens in a bubble bath, and even free baked goods don’t consistently produce smiling faces at selections meetings. Don’t get me wrong, they are not an unhappy or depressing group of people, but there are times when it seems the weight of the world is resting on their shoulders, and that spending time discussing poetry and prose and pagination is just too much for them to bear. To be fair, if I didn’t feel an additional responsibility for producing this magazine, I would probably behave in much the same way.

And yet all that angst flew out the window as soon some clever quarterlifer–– I’m not sure who it was, but he or she has my utmost gratitude–– first uttered the words “the swimsuit issue.” The thought of turning the oh-so-scandalous Sport’s Illustrated magazine into a literary prompt was enough to send my occasionally morose staff into uncontrollable fits of giggles. Suddenly, they were grinning, effervescent, and positively giddy. A quarterlife miracle.

So, that’s what I would like to leave you with, dear readers. It’s a simple wish, but one I believe to be quite important: In the spirit of “the swimsuit issue,” go forth and be giddy. It may be a chilly spring in Walla Walla, but spring it is, nonetheless. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and on those blessed days when the sun comes out, the campus is bustling with refugees from the library. But don’t just enjoy the spring. Do something that makes you giggle. You know what I mean. Do that thing that you’ve kind of always wanted to do, but, at the same time, you think is a little silly. Now’s your chance. Spring is sprung, the grass is green, so go don your swimsuits and be merry.

-Naomi Gibbs


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editor: Naomi Gibbs
layout editors: Molly Esteve, Deirdre Gorman
copy editors: Hanne Jensen, Brett Weiss
selection staff: Ari Frink, Philip Hofius, Madelin Jacobson, Sean McNulty, Nick Michal
staff artists: Isabel Blue, Lara Mehling, Markel Uriu