Recipe for a quarterlife Casserole:

Infuse a predestined loaf with the crimson juice of memory. Drizzle the blood of an orange over a mound of okra in a honey pot. Adorn with slices of lemon, sprigs of lavender. Whip the concoction into graceful white peaks. Don't forget the babies and tofu. Consume with cheesy biscuits (if you're on a sugar- free diet).

Eating is universal. It is an experience that-- for better or for worse-- we all necessarily share, making food one of the world's most stable currencies. In using the word "issue," we hope to conjure how the act of eating is rarely a simple matter of consumption.

The questions we encounter through and because of food ask whether the meal is a souffle or a battleground for family strife, a piece of bread or a harkening back to childhood, a blueberry or a bearer of religious symbolism.

Tell me what you eat, I'll tell you what you are. In essence we offer to you, our readers, a bite-sized serving of the Whitman student psyche.


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editors: Jenna Mukuno, Paris White
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