Rather than have a particular theme dominate the issue, we have structured the magazine around a measurement. For the average individual, a measurement is constituted by a fixed quantity or stable figure. While this serves an important function, it is also productive to think of time as governing the innumerable spaces we inhabit throughout the course of a single day. Each moment can be thought of as a room where we must pass through its various doors, hallways, and corridors. On the other hand, this may not constitute your vision of time at all. Time is personal; its conception is individualized and often private.

One of the most exhausted complaints by writers is that they would actually "write" if only they had more "time." By highlighting the time of composition provided by each contributor, we wish to emphasize the space and moment when the writers existed as they created their work. As you soon will notice, these times serve as the page numbers. The arrangement of these pieces by chronology rather than theme, effectively reconstructs a single day in which the issue is born.

Consider this the morning.


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editors: Jenna Mukuno, Paris White
layout editors: Glory Bushey, Molly Esteve, Anastasia Zamkinos
copy editors: Madeline Jacobson, Anastasia Zamkinos
staff: Julianne Ballou, Michael Bell, Ari Frink, Amy Liechty
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