As in any good creative work, there is some tension in the very enterprise of printing an "unfit to print" themed issue. In some ways, the pieces that are printed here are actually the least unfit.

What we have compiled here are what we felt were the most fit to print, yes, but they remain anything but neutral. These pieces each challenge the status quo, and each does so in such a way that exploits the very structures within which writing is, perhaps inevitably, confined.

Given this particular interest in challenging neutrality, we have printed this issue in the controversial yet ubiquitous font Helvetica. You might recognize the font from store logos, governmental forms, or even as the default font on your word processor if you're a Mac user; font aficionados recognize it as a very Modernist font: straight lines, no frills, undecorous. Helvetica is celebrated by some as the perfect font for its neutrality; others condemn it for the same reason, arguing that fonts should make a statement.

Irregardless of personal opinions about the font, it is clear that Helvetica, intended to be a starkly neutral font, is now anything but neutral. Some might even call it unfit to print.


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editors: Jenna Mukuno, Anastasia Zamkinos
layout editors: Glory Bushey, Molly Esteve, Anastasia Zamkinos
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copy editors: Madeline Jacobson, Mimi Pysno
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