The flesh, sinews, muscles, and life of quarterlife are all built upon the framework of the pieces and authors who contribute to it. We like to think of each piece in this issue as a bone, a part of the magazine's skeletal structure: no two bones are alike, and each does something that no other can do in its place. Each bone plays a pivotal role in comprising the whole.

"Bare bones" is an appealing theme for this and many other reasons. When we heard the idea for this prompt, first suggested to us by a quarterlife reader at the release event for issue 3.4, we also found ourselves instantly attracted to the poetry of the phrase itself. We appreciated the many connotations of bones (starkness, structure, delicacy, strength, conflict ["a bone to pick with you"], the unseen, the fundamental). We wondered about the questions the prompt begged of us and of our writing: what is essential? What structures our environments? What is manifest and what is latent? And we happily welcomed the phrase's invitation to challenge the preconception held by many that writing must be overtly flowery or fleshy and to get back to basics. We reveled in this invitation to play in the boneyard and see where it took us.

Welcome to the boneyard, and welcome to the fourth year of quarterlife.


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