quarterlife has had a particularly exciting year. In the 2008-09 academic year, quarterlife has published its first comic, has for the first time printed a piece sideways, and now, in 3.4, quarterlife has opened its covers to black & white art submissions.

It's growing up so fast.

Not only has the magazine itself evolved, but so has the organization itself. As of this semester, quarterlife is a line item in the ASWC by-laws, making it an official campus media organization at Whitman.

Over time, a magazine inevitably changes shape as staff members join and leave, temporarily or permanently; as they convocate and graduate; and as programing structures and governing bodies evolve. Despite each of these inevitable adjustments, you readers, writers, and artists have made it possible for this publication to consistently thrive, grow, and evolve in productive and exciting ways.

So it has gone, for one more incredible year, and so it will go for many years to come.


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editor-in-chief: Anastasia Zamkinos
layout editors: Naomi Gibbs, Deirdre Gorman
copy editors: Ari Frink, Jenna Mukuno
staff: Joe Cross, Jordan Droppert, Robin Lewis, Liz Levy, Paris White
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