Sam Alden

First kiss was with my sister's friends--
They got me in the spare bedroom
while I was playing Tekken 2.
Eliza's hands were white and soft,
She hugged me from behind and pulled,
Her breasts were pressed against my back
and man I fell so easily
And Karen had these sheets of hair
like rain against a window when
she bent and spidered over me
they slid across my spindle arms.
While Karen went Eliza held
my hands and Karen's lips were so
Beslicked with balm like candlewax.
I crossed my legs but she still felt it.
And Tekken kept on kicking on.
Then she rolled off for Sandra's turn
Cherry gloss and tortilla chips
And she rocked on my crotch and made
A moaning sound and they all laughed
And I made a laughing sound
But Eliza saw me and bent down and whispered in my ear
            It's okay Ben, they're scared too
And kissed me on my salty cheek.
Then my sister burst in screaming
and they stood, to explain maybe,
and I looked at Eliza's lips
They looked just like mine did, they were lips for a boy and I felt strange but some sun was shining.