We arrive at Whitman for our first year here and move into a dorm. The carpet is mottled tones to best camouflage stains, but there are still very definitely marks. The furniture is standardized. The colors are all specifically chosen not to offend anyone's tastes. We unpack our bags and boxes and suddenly this strange dormitory, with this strange new roommate, is "home" and as we close our last bureau drawer and press in our last thumbtack the whirlwind picks up. We are then repeatedly transplanted from that first moment into new places, into different dorm rooms, into off campus houses and apartments, off into study abroad or summer internships or jobs. It moves by so quickly, and we come to hardly recognize where we are, who we are here with, or even who we ourselves are anymore. Call it a quarterlife crisis.

Just as David Byrne asks himself in "Once in a Lifetime," so we in our quarterlife ask ourselves "how did I get here?"

Perhaps this issue of quarterlife will help you find a sense of location; perhaps it will undermine that sense of location. Perhaps you can clearly see how each piece came to be from the theme "not my beautiful house" or perhaps you won't be able to see exactly how an author got to the piece from the theme. But then, that would be a part of the point.

Welcome to our quarterlife.


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