Kate Rosenberg
I Would Let it Fade Out

I would let it fade out here
This planet, like the final song on a mix tape
Life outside these windows looks wet, valuable, complete
That's how I'd want it to finish
Dim and all bathed in murky, intergalactic sunlight
Toes tap out the beat of the sunrise
Drumming along to the bilingual love songs that escape from headphones
And bounce through this creaking, hesitating metal mammal
Atoms for notes kissing each thing they touch
And then


Soft aquatic murmurs leak from Meth-mouth smiles
This. Fade out. Just here. Simple.
And it would all re-grow: the future like a cut lizard tail
I can see it refilling itself in the rearview mirror


A soft man speaks to himself, shakes his head at a map, arms scarred white like lunar soil
Grids like these are for pretending that it won't happen
That we won't be covered in one hundred years of perfect snow
We'll whisper to ourselves underground and smile
It was just right to fade out
Just here