All progress begets the question, "are we there yet?" It is the pestering whine from the backseat, the critique we must make of our government, the elephant in the room of every relationship, and an essential tool for self-reflection. We ask the question out of anxiety, skepticism, longing, desperation, and uncertainty. Yet, the question is also indicative of our fascination with the drama of progress, the beauty of the unknown, and the freedom of absolute possibility.

The theme is the persistent mantra of our quarterlives. Freshmen find themselves one year into a new there. We are almost always passing through theres — due dates, transitions, seasonal shifts, years of study — and yet there is no end. A quarter of our campus graduates this month, arriving at the striking realization that the accomplishment of twenty-two years is not the there we've been seeking. If this is there, then how did we get here and where do we go now? There is a telescoping concept stretching out before us infinitely. We may never get there — there may not even be a there — but at least we're on the way.

This is our quarterlife.


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