The keyhole provides a way to catch a brief glimpse of what lies beyond the locked door. Apart from its voyeuristic possibilities and sexual implications (as one quarterlife staff member quipped, "Put your key in my hole,") the keyhole evokes images of spatial displacement (internal versus external), as well as concepts of confinement and exclusion. Conceptually, the keyhole frames our perceptions and limits our views. However, the connotations of the preposition "through" demonstrate the potential for progress, for overcoming constraint, for deviously passing the locked door.

In this issue, writers explore the various implications of the keyhole as a literary motif. Issue two contains graphic poetry, historical fiction, a fairy tale, political poetry, found poetry, and a study of place. Their writing portrays the diverse array of literary canvases available to the subjective gaze through the framework of the keyhole.


editor-in-chief: Kim Hooyboer
assistant editor: Leslie Beach
layout editor: Deirdre Gorman
copy editors: Leslie Beach, Stazh Zamkinos
staff: Jullianne Ballou, Meghan Carlson, Avi Conant, Ben Kegan, Robin Lewis, Dena Popova