Welcome to the sophomore year of quarterlife literary magazine. The magazine is changing. For Volume 2, we've completely revamped the layout with an eye for visual aesthetics, invited a new flock of submissions through the inclusion of cover art, and substantially increased our printing numbers to account for the swelling ranks of our readers.

Thematically, "Under the Influence" extends far beyond its initial connotation of substances. Each person is inevitably caught under the influence of a variety of factors and individuals: social norms, religion, authority figures (parents, professors, politicians), friends, significant others or lack thereof, our need to relate to others, our emotional paralysis, our own subjectivity. Many of our influences have been so inculcated that we might spend the majority of our lives trying to shirk, accept, defy, or redefine them. Particularly during our quarterlives, we experience a sharpening awareness of the existence of these influences and, subsequently, find ourselves struggling against these externalities in an attempt to uncover our true selves (whatever that may mean).

This is your quarterlife.


editor-in-chief: Kim Hooyboer
assistant editor: Leslie Beach
layout editor: Deirdre Gorman
copy editors: Leslie Beach, Stazh Zamkinos
staff: Jullianne Ballou, Meghan Carlson, Avi Conant, Ben Kegan, Robin Lewis, Dena Popova