Our spring issue buzzes with the excitement that we experience this time of year when we walk past flowers blooming scents that were hidden by the grey of the past couple months, filling us with renewed vigor and imagined songs. We may seek shelter from spring rain but only to enjoy the smell and the feeling of coolness that somehow reminds us of the heat to come. Spring is a continual dance of transition between the chilly breezes and the oppressive heat. The energy we gain from the season comes from the moment we wake to sunshine only to discover that we still need to wear layers.

But spring, like the theme of this issue, is not just about nature. It is the time of "the talk" and the time of renewed passions. Authors in this issue wrote about sex and love (requited and unrequited) and of intimate experiences in nature. Perhaps because of the tendency for writing on this topic to lean toward the lyrical, we are printing more poems than we have in the past and each of the three poems approach the theme in unique ways. Authors have dealt with the theme with their tongues in their cheeks and in ways which show the complexity of intelligent-emotional-sexual people living in a thriving world.


editor-in-chief: Drew Arnold
layout editor: Kim Hooyboer
copy editors: Lizzie Norgard, Matt Stenovec
staff: Ben Gannon, Danielle Alvarado, Toby Kahn, Ben Kegan, Stazh Zamkinos