When I finish this letter from my home computer, I will send it by magic to our office computer and it will be formatted in our archaic (because it is seven-years-old) computer publishing program. It will be included in this issue and print four-hundred times to be distributed around campus and all of the issues will disappear to various desks, coffee tables, bookbags, and eventually wastebins It will also be posted on the website for everyone in the world to see. In out third issue we are asking you, "can you hear us now?"

In this issue, you will be able to almost hear out loud the voice of Megan McPhaden in her account of a transcendent yet intensely cosmopolitan experience in India. Also in this issue, Emma Wood gives a voice to her neighbor's now silent gong, and Ben Gannon shares his space of the internet in "My Space". You can have your own space on the internet on the forum which is there for you to post fiction, essays, poetry, and casual thoughts on the themes of quarterlife. All we are trying to do our whole lives is communicate; I want you to hear me, I want to hear you.


editor-in-chief: Drew Arnold
layout editor: Kim Hooyboer
staff: Ben Gannon, Danielle Alvarado, Toby Kahn, Ben Kegan, Lizzie Norgard, Diana Peabody, Nicole Pexton, Stazh Zamkinos