This is our second issue and we have almost doubled production because of the wild success of the first issue. You can check out both this issue and the previous issue at our website ( It seemed an almost supernatural force swept all the magazines from campus in a hurry to consume all that Whitman students have been writing. Well, if there was such a force it has come back in crazier and weirder ways in this issue - themed "Supernatural."

Supernatural: that is above nature; belonging to a higher realm or system than that of nature; transcending the powers or the ordinary course of nature. The writing in this issue includes subjects that are out of the ordinary but still relevant to our lives because supernatural things happen to us and we sometimes experience the supernatural through our very natural beings. The writing still requires and inspires imagination and I hope you enjoy the imaginative journey through this issue of quarterlife.

Humans are supernatural in a sense when we transcend powers of nature - we become either unnatural or immersed in the natural. We do this by implementing nature in technologies and when we communicate inexplicitly and when we surprise each other with personal magnificence.


editor-in-chief: Drew Arnold
layout editor: Kim Hooyboer
staff: Ben Gannon, Danielle Alvarado, Dan Dennedy-Frank, Toby Kahn, Ben Kegan, Lizzie Norgard, Diana Peabody, Nicole Pexton