Welcome to the first issue of quarterlife magazine! To your right are essays, works of fiction, and innovative and interesting things put into words; to your left is a cover, and maybe an ad. In front of you is the future, but let us not be concerned with that. This is happening now and this issue opens doors for many new things to happen.

The purpose of quarterlife is to share writing of the Whitman community to the Whitman community. You don't have to be a "writer" to be published in this magazine because everyone writes, because everyone is a writer, because everyone has a story or an experience or a creative mind that they can share through this medium. People do innumerable things with language and quarterlife is here to celebrate and share everything that people are writing.

Summer presents us with adventures and relaxation and spreads us out across the world away from these academic buildings planted between trees - for this reason summer can be anything. The works in this issue focus on a theme of "Summer is Hell," not that summer necessarily is hell but we sure can make it that way. We work, have internships, travel, lay in the sun, ski in the southern hemisphere, day-dream, babysit, hang with old friends and relatives ... things are new and exciting or familiar and comfortable or some combination or something else all together. We hope to share part of summer with you.

The theme for the next issue is "Supernatural" and the third: "Disassociated Communication." We are accepting submissions for these and will narrow the selections down to fit the magazine. Please email submissions by Nov. 3 to quarterlife@whitman.edu and consider the theme a loose guideline, just something to get you going and don't worry about length, we want it all (well, between one word and two- or three-thousand). We are greedy like that. Whitman contains multitudes - peruse, study, celebrate, and enjoy!


editor-in-chief: Drew Arnold
layout editor: Kim Hooyboer
staff: Ben Gannon, Danielle Alvarado, Dan Dennedy-Frank, Toby Kahn, Ben Kegan, Marcus Koontz-Williams, Lizzie Norgard, Diana Peabody, Nicole Pexton