quarterlife is a literary journal published four times a year that features poetry, short fiction, drama, creative nonfiction, analytic essays, alternative journalism, comics, photographs, drawings, sketches, prints and any other kind of work Whitman College students might create. Each issue is composed around a given theme that acts as both a spark for individual creativity and a thematic axis for the issue.

quarterlife is an exercise in creative subjectivity, a celebration of the conceptual diversity of Whitman writers when presented with a single theme. Each quarterlife theme acts as the proverbial elephant in the dark, fragmented by individual perception: each portion is ostensibly unconnected but ultimately relevant to the whole. In this way, quarterlife magazine participates in the writing process. The magazine is not as an indifferent vehicle by which writing is published, but rather as a dynamic medium for which writing is produced.


All work featured in quarterlife magazine or on the quarterlife website is displayed by express permission of the author, who holds all relevant copyrights to their work. Don't steal their stuff.






quarterlife is hiring for the 2013-2014 school year!

Staff Application

email applications and questions to quarterlife@whitman.edu