Summary of Progress: July 2, 2014

Since its meeting on campus in May, 2014, the Presidential Search Committee has been busy working on building a strong pool of applicants. 

  • The presidential prospectus is out and is a strong statement of the college's strengths, aspirations and the qualifications we are seeking in our next president.  (The prospectus is available on this website for viewing).
  • Our search consultants are receiving a very positive response and strong interest in the position.  They are reaching out to dozens of thought leaders in higher education, and are in the process of developing a strong pool of potential candidates.
  • The search committee had a conference call in mid-June where they discussed several of the candidates, giving further direction to the search consultants on specific strengths and qualifications that will meet Whitman's profile.
  • Co-chairs, Nancy Serrurier and Janice Abraham, and potentially other members of the committee, will reach out to some of the candidates during the summer and may visit some of the candidates.

The search committee will meet in early September to identify the candidates that they plan to interview and, in the meantime, they will continue to work to further develop the already strong pool of candidates.