La Maison Francaise

418 Boyer St.     Walla Walla, WA 99362

Established in 1968, La Maison Française (The French House) has seven bedrooms and comfortably houses an average of eight to nine residents and one Resident Assistant. In addition to the student speakers, a native speaker also resides in La Maison Française. This student is a resident of France and spends the full academic year working through the French department to promote and assist students in the learning of French.

La Maison Francaise

La Maison focuses on promoting French culture. For example, some traditional events that have taken place here include the quarter coffee café, screening of French movies, and French dinners, among others.

La Maison Française is affiliated with the French department and is assigned an adviser from that department. At least once in the semester, the house adviser is invited over for dinner to discuss the programs that La Maison Française residents are planning for the semester.

Residents of La Maison are responsible for completing weekly chores, having active involvement within the house and the Interest House Community, and promoting French House-sponsored events and activities.

If you would like to arrange to eat dinner at La Maison, or have any questions about house activities, please contact the RA.