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I request permission to be registered in the following course(s) on a P-D-F basis for the

Fall Spring  20______


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I understand the following:

1. The P-D-F grade option may not be used for General Studies (First year Core), Applied Music or to fulfill distribution requirements.
2. A maximum of 1/3 of all credit earned at Whitman College may be taken on a P-D-F basis with a maximum of 40 credits in P-D-F work applicable toward meeting degree requirements. Courses graded CR-NC are not included in the 40 credit limitation.
3. Registration to take a course on a P-D-F basis is limited to students in good standing.
4. If I earn the equivalent of a C- or higher for the course, I will receive a grade of P and if I received a D+ or lower grade, the appropriate grade will be recorded and will be figured in my grade point average.
5. The application to register on a P-D-F basis must be filed with the registrar during the tenth week of instruction in any semester and a change in registration to a regular grade basis is not permitted after the close of the application period.  The instructor is not informed that the P-D-F grade has been elected.
6. If a course listed above is in my major field, I am aware of the departmental policy concerning courses taken on a P-D-F basis.

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