New Students

Fall 2014 Registration Information/Checklist
First Year Students


Visit the Reid Campus Center, Young Ballroom, on Thursday, August 28 between 9 am-3 pm to complete the following tasks:

  • Obtain Whitman ID card
  • Activate Library Account
  • Complete Web Check-in
    • Students with Registration holds will be directed to the appropriate office to clear their holds after completion of all other matriculation tasks. Web Check-in may then be completed in that office or at a computer close by.
  • Complete Voice Recording


Group Meeting - Friday, August 29 at the assigned time listed on your "Advising Schedule", between 8-10am, in Maxey Auditorium.

Individual Meeting - Friday, August 29 at the assigned time listed on your "Advising Schedule", between 10am-Noon or 1-2:30pm, in the office of your pre-major adviser.


As soon as possible after meeting with your pre-major adviser, access the "New Student Registration" link on the Students Home page. The link will take you to the student portal where you will log in and follow the directions on the screen to "Add Courses to your Wishlist". Your Course Wishlist will be used to expedite your registration on Saturday morning so it is important to complete this step. Note that you may not be able to register for all the courses on your Course Wishlist, so be sure to include several alternatives. See the Help with Registration Screens in the packet for more detailed information on this process.


Registration will take place on Saturday, August 30 from 8am-1pm in the Reid Ballroom at the appointment time listed in your "Advising and Registration Packet". You must present your Whitman ID card for admission into Registration.

  • Access to the departmental tables will be granted 30 minutes prior to your registration appointment time. You may speak with representatives from all departments as well as your adviser prior to registering. You will then be allowed to proceed to a kiosk to complete registration at your appointed time.
  • Any students with holds must contact the appropriate office and clear the hold. You will be allowed to pre-register but your registration will not be final until the hold is resolved.
  • Detailed registration instructions will be posted at each kiosk.
  • New students will be registered in GenS 145 (4 credits) by the Registrar’s Office and will then be allowed to add up to 10 academic credits (for a total of 14 credits) and any activity credits during registration on Saturday morning.
    • When you complete registration you will be required to fill out an Additional Course Request form which will specify if you wish to add another course to your schedule. There will be space to list four course options to add in order of preference. You may list different sections of the same course but DO NOT list the same course and same section multiple times.
    • The Registrar’s Office staff will make the additions immediately following the last registration appointment, reversing the order from the appointment times previously assigned. This is being done to help with equity of course selection for all students. The Registrar’s Office will email you when you can view your completed schedule.
  • Faculty members will be onsite to discuss availability in closed or consent-required courses. If you are granted consent, bring the signed Course Consent Form to the Registrar’s Office Table in the kiosk area to have the course added.
  • You will not be allowed to register for courses that meet at the same time unless you obtain signatures from both professors on a Course Conflict Resolution Form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office Table to have the courses added to your schedule.
  • You will be allowed to make changes to your schedule starting on Tuesday, September 2, at 8:00 am and may add courses through Friday, September 15.