Reg Info for Returning Students

Fall 2015 Pre-registration Instructions for Faculty


Online Pre-registration appointments for the fall 2015 semester will be scheduled as shown below. The Registrar's Office will notify students, via email, of any additional Pre-registration instructions and when their appointment time is available in the Portal. Pre-registration will take place in the Portal under the Registration tab.

Class of 2016 Friday, April 24, 4 - 8 pm
Class of 2017 Monday, April 27, 4:30 - 9 pm
Class of 2018 Tuesday, April 28, 4:30 - 9 pm

• Online instructions to help faculty with advising screens are available on the Registrar's web page at Also available there are links to pre-registration instructions for both students and faculty.

• The 2015-16 course schedule and College Catalog are now available. Access "Search for Classes/Enrollment Information" in the faculty portal at You may access the College catalog at

• Students have been instructed to make an appointment with their academic adviser to discuss their schedule for the fall prior to their pre-registration time. Please give your advisees electronic adviser clearance as soon as you are done meeting with them as they WILL NOT be able to register without this approval (see the Portal Instruction Sheet for details).

• Students will not be allowed to enroll in academic overloads during pre-registration. Your advisees may add up to 18 academic credits and any activity credits they wish at this time and enroll in additional academic credits upon approval of an Academic Overload request when the fall semester begins.

• The Registrar's Office will be staffed during all student pre-registration appointment times. Students may use the live chat link on the registration page, call us at x5983, email, or visit Memorial 212 and we will be happy to help with any issues.

• Pre-registration will remain open to students until the last day of finals, May 19.


• Students must request instructor consent to be pre-registered for a closed or consent class. This consent must be given via the portal ( by clicking on the ‘Manage Consents' link on the right side of the page and inserting the student's name. (see the Portal Instruction Sheet for details).

• Once you grant consent, an automated email message will be sent to the student asking them to confirm that they still wish to add the class. Their confirmation will automatically be transmitted to the Registrar's Office and the course will be added. The student will then be sent a confirmation email notifying them of the added course.

• Students will have the ability to add themselves to a class waitlist (if the instructor indicated one would be used for the class). Instructors can view their waitlists as well as grant consent for each class from this list. The ‘Manage Waitlist' link is located on for each of your classes (see the Portal Instruction Sheet for details).