Reg Info for Returning Students

Spring 2015 Registration Information for Faculty

Advising Returning Students

  • Web Check-in for returning students begins on Tuesday, January 13, 2015.  All students must complete Web Check-in to confirm their attendance at Whitman College.
  • Students who wish to make changes to their schedule must obtain electronic adviser clearance.  Advisers can access the clearance utility through (See portal instruction sheet in the Registration Packet on the Registrar's Office website).
  • Add/drop appointment times for Monday, January 19 are listed below by graduation date. Students will be allowed access to web add/drop at the appointment time for their class and will continue to have access during the entire add/drop period.

Class of 2015 start at 8 am
Class of 2016 start at 10 am
Class of 2017 start at 12 Noon
Class of 2018 start at 3 pm

Advising New Students (January admits)

  • Students admitted for the Spring 2015 semester will meet with their advisers on Friday, January 16.  They will already have completed Web Check-in and pre-registration. Advisers MUST grant electronic clearance for these students to make changes to their schedule. These students will not be assigned an appointment time so they are welcome to visit the Registrar's Office at any time on Friday and we will assist them with schedule changes.

 Instructor Course Consent

  • Students trying to add a consent or closed course will need electronic instructor consent.  You may access this clearance utility through (see portal instruction sheet).
  • Please REMIND students that they must follow the instructions EXACTLY as they are written in the automated email confirming consent to have the Registrar's Office add the course for them.  The student WILL NOT be able to add the class themselves.

Academic Overload approval

Requirements for students to enroll in an academic overload are as follows:

  • Students must have a 3.50 or higher cumulative GPA.
  • Students must have a 3.50 or higher previous semester's GPA in courses completed at Whitman.
  • Students must submit the Academic Overload Form, signed by their adviser and previous semester's instructors, to the Registrar's Office for final approval.
  • Requests for more than 18 academic credits that do not meet the above criteria will be reviewed by the Board of Review and consent will be granted only in truly exceptional circumstances in which there is crucial need to take an academic overload (such as the need to graduate).                             

*NOTE: Applied Music is academic credit - not activity credit