Whitman College Student Health Center

The Welty Student Health Center staff extends you a warm welcome. We are here to offer assistance with your health care needs and concerns during your academic years at Whitman College. In order for us to provide the most effective health service, it is essential that you complete the following tasks prior to your arrival on campus.

1. Complete the Immunization and Screening Form and fax (509-527-4999) to the Welty Student Health Center by JULY 10, 2013

2. Complete the Medical Insurance Requirement information on-line at cleo.whitman.edu by JULY 10, 2013

(You will need your new Whitman College Identification Number (WID) to log in!)

o Choose either A-G/US Fire policy through Whitman College (check appropriate box)
o If you have private health insurance; complete your private health insurance information where indicated. (NOTE: The student group insurance policy annual premium is included on your billing statement. This charge will automatically be removed after providing your private insurance information.)

Students cannot finalize their class registration until these requirements are met.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these requirements or your current health care needs, please contact the Welty Student Health Center using any of the following methods:

Telephone #: (509) 527-5040
FAX #: (509) 527-4999
Email: Nesscl@whitman.edu