New Student Checklist

Items you will receive from Whitman College

By June 1:
• New Student Orientation Packet

By July 1:
• Information and Annual Payment Invoice from the Business Office

By August 1:
• Residence Hall Room Assignment via e-mail, with mailed confirmation to follow

Items you must complete for Whitman College

By June 10:

  1. On-line activate your Whitman e-mail account /check weekly
  2. On-line take applicable placement tests
  3. On-line complete your advising questionnaire
  4. Send completed “Scrambles” forms (optional) to Outdoor Program for 1st round trip placement lottery
  5. On-line SCORE registration (optional) to Community Service

By July 10:

  1. New Students: Send final high school transcripts from all previous institutions to the Office of Admission
  2. Transfer Students: Send final college transcripts from previous institutions to the Office of Admission
  3. Request College Board send AP Reports to Whitman College (if applicable)
  4. Request International Baccalaurate send IB Certificates to Whitman (if applicable)
  5. On-line submit Transfer Credit Eligibility Form (if applicable)
  6. On-line complete your profile and preferences in "iEngage"
  7. Fax completed Immunization and Screening Form to Welty Student Health Center at 509-527-4999
  8. On-line complete the Pre-registration Checklist items including:
    • emergency contact information
    • alert information
    • permission to release financial information
    • federal financial aid funds disbursement information
    • financial responsibility form
    • medical insurance requirement
  9. If requsting a fall 2013 Deferred Payment Plan: select option #2 on the Annual Payment Invoice and return to the Business Office.  

By August 10:

  1. On-line select a Bon Appetit meal plan
  2. Send first semester payment to the Business Office (option #1 on the Annual Payment Invoice) to receive clearance prior to Opening Day