Budgeting Guidelines

Advertising and Printing Costs
Food-Bon Appétit
Instructional Media Services

This is intended to be used as a guide to help with estimating budgets for Visiting Educators – costs quoted are subject to change.

Advertising and Printing Costs

Advertising Contacts:
Daniel Le Ray, Media Relations and Communications Officer x4917 leraydf@whitman.edu

Whitman "Events" page listing FREE
  NPR series of 10 ads (run over the course of 1 week)
NPR series of 20 ads (run over the course of 2 weeks) $250
  Pioneer Ad - see http://whitmanpioneer.com/advertising/
  Press release (needs at least 2 weeks advance notice) FREE
  Union Bulletin  standard ad (2x5, black and white) $140-$150

Please provide a speaker bio, a description of the event or lecture and any other relevant materials when requesting advertising or promotional assistance. Go here for recommendations on which advertising options are most appropriate for your event.

Publication design (poster-flyers) contacts:
Chris Bishop, Publications Design Manager x5769 or
     Travis Congleton, Publications Designer x4966 congletj@whitman.edu

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Bon Appétit Contact:
Teresa Maddess, Catering Director x5127 or maddesta@whitman.edu
For information about Bon Appetit catering for meals or receptions, see www.whitman.caterax.com
Please note that Bon Appetit must be used for all on-campus catering.

Local Dining - Dinner costs should not be more than $50 per person (excluding the tax/tip).

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Instructional Media Services

Sherrie Kamara x5257 or ims@whitman.edu

  Event Support is $20 an hour with a one hour minimum.
Even live-streaming is available.  7 days notice, $50. fee plus hourly rate for recording.  Must have written permission from speaker to record.

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Please be aware that hotel rates and availability are subject to change. 
Rates are generally higher April through October and some weekends are substantially higher due to local tourism events.

  Bed & Breakfast (within walking distance of campus) $150 (or more) per night
  Best Western Walla Walla Suites $101 + tax
  Marcus Whitman Hotel & Conference Center $104 + tax

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Airfare: Please obtain a quote from our local travel agenct Teri Owens at teri@travelleaders247.com. Be sure to include the service fee charged for booking through Teri in your estimate. You may also use an on-line travel site such as Travelocity or Expedia

  Beginning Nov. 1, 2012, Mileage Reimbursement rate is 56.5 cents a mile. A good source to determine mileage distance is Mapquest.