President’s Council

The President's Council is a deliberating body comprised of the President, the Provost and Dean of Faculty, the Chair of the Faculty, the Chief Financial Officer, the Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, the Chief Information Officer, the Vice President for Development, the Dean of Students, and the Chief Communications Officer. The President's Council meets every other week unless circumstances warrant more frequent meetings.

President – George Bridges
Provost and Dean of the Faculty – Timothy Kaufman-Osborn
Chair of the Faculty – David Schmitz
Chief Financial Officer – Peter Harvey
Dean of Admission and Financial Aid – Tony Cabasco
Chief Information Officer – Dan Terrio
Vice President for Development – John Bogley
Dean of Students – Chuck Cleveland
Director of Human Resources - Dennis Hopwood
Chief Communications Officer – Michelle Ma

Any Whitman faculty or staff member who has a proposal or question for consideration by the Council should first consult with the senior budget officer in his or her area of the College. In the event that this is not possible or that budget officer is unable to address the question or proposal, please submit it to the President via his executive assistant, Jennifer Casper.