After You Are Approved

After you are approved for off-campus study by Whitman, you’ll want to be sure you are well-prepared for your semester or year away. Here are a some items that Whitman College Off-Campus Studies Office requires of you:

REVIEW by April 4 Off-Campus Studies Terms of Participation documents that will be emailed to you via Survey Monkey in mid-March.

COMPLETE by April 15 - Whitman's Study Abroad Predeparture Forms (Students participating on the TPC program do not need to complete these forms.)

ATTEND on May 4, 2014 - Whitman's Study Abroad Predeparture Orientation (Students participating on a U.S. Partner program do not need to attend.  You will be notified directly about a domestic pre-departure meeting.)

READ THROUGH your program's predeparture information (paying special attention to their deadlines) and Whitman's Study Abroad Predeparture Handbook.  Although some of the information in this section you learned during the application process, now is a good time to review information on credits, finances, health and safety, and passports and visas to be sure you are all set to study off-campus.