Passports and Visas


Certain documents are required of all people while traveling abroad.  You will definitely need to obtain a passport, if you do not have one already.  Some countries also require you have a visa to be a student there, so be sure to verify whether or not your host country has this requirement.  Without these official documents, you will not be traveling abroad legally.  You can consult with the OCS staff if you need clarification on applying for passports and visas.


We highly recommend that students planning to study abroad apply for a passport at least 6 months prior to when they will go abroad.  Did you know that you can get official passport pictures taken at Whitman in the Security Office, Mem. 137?  Depending on the method of delivery the charge can't be beat (email upload = FREE and 4 images printed on glossy paper = $5).  Call Whitman Security at 527-5777 to get your official passport pictures taken.  Read on for further details...


Most countries require students to obtain a student visa before entering the country to study there. Since you will need to submit your passport to the Consulate or Embassy up to two months before you depart for study abroad, you should NOT plan to travel outside the United States during that period of time. Details...