Staff Fringe Benefits Committee

The Staff Fringe Benefits Committee (SFBC) was formed in April 2007 by the President's Council. You can find more information below regarding our mission statement and a list of current members.  Please use the links on the left to view minutes from our meetings, additional information about the committee, and to provide feedback to the committee.

Mission Statement
In the context of the general policies established by the Board of Trustees, and guidelines provided by the Presidents Council, the Staff Fringe Benefits Committee reviews existing employee benefit programs and makes recommendations for the improvement, addition or deletion of programs. As a regular part of its work, the committee will review the cost, utilization and efficacy of the health programs specifically, and other employee welfare programs generally. The committee represents different areas and constituencies and makes recommendations to the President's Council.

SFBC Members:

  • Maggi Banderas (Student Services/Residence Life), CHAIR, 2nd 2-year term ends 6-1-16
  • Stacey Giusti (Dean of Faculty/Registrar), 2nd 2-year term ends 6-1-16
  • Kristen Healy (Communications), 1st 2-year term ends 6-1-17
  • Sherrie Kamara (WCTS/IMS), 2st 2-year term ends 6-1-17
  • Claudia Ness (Student Services/Health Center), extension term ends 6-1-16
  • Amber Pope (Admission), 1st 2-year term ends 6-1-16
  • Bill Duncan (Physical Plant), 1st 2-year term ends 6-1-16
  • Alexandra Jordan (Development), 1st 2-year term ends 6-1-16