Whitman Magazine

Do you have a great story to tell alumni and other key audiences? Tell it through the Whitman Magazine!


  • Edward Weinman, Managing Editor, Whitman Magazine and College Communications, weinmaem@whitman.edu 527-5169, Boyer House

Whitman Magazine is published four times a year, in July, October, December and March. The October issue includes the Annual Report of Gifts. The magazine’s news, features and photography illustrate and celebrate the Whitman story. The magazine is designed to inform Whitman’s constituents about the life of the college and our alumni, and to help them maintain a lifetime connection to the college. Constituent groups who receive the magazine include alumni, donors, trustees, overseers, parents, faculty, staff and friends. Each issue is placed online; some of these issues include bonus content.

Here’s how it works

The Communications staff develops story ideas for Whitman Magazine months in advance of each publication. For the campus news section, we keep a careful eye on campus events and activities, tracking potential stories. As the story list for each publication develops, we seek input from faculty and staff to help determine which stories will appear in the magazine. We encourage staff, faculty, students and alumni to offer suggestions about potential stories and photo opportunities to supplement our own research and analysis. For the feature section in each edition, we look to cover trends and major campus developments and to reflect Whitman to our readers. Over time, we will represent the depth and diversity of the liberal arts education at Whitman and the experience of being a part of the Whitman family. For more information, contact Edward Weinman at weinmaem@whitman.edu or at x5169.

In order to produce a professional product for our readers, we use only the highest-quality photos. Occasionally, we will use high-quality submitted photos to illustrate a story, such as a student’s Study Abroad experience. Address technical questions about photo submissions to Matt Banderas at banderm2@whitman.edu or call x5969.

It’s important to know that...

There are seemingly endless stories to be told about Whitman, its students, programs, faculty/staff, facilities, alumni and more. The magazine can showcase only a limited number of stories in each hard-copy edition. However, the online version of Whitman Magazine can showcase additional content as appropriate.